How it works

How it works:

How can you buy & sell Businesses with FlipNorth.

For offer they are happy with, they accept that offer and the buyer purchase the asset or business.

(Sellers do not have to accept any offer unless it meets their requirements)

-Assets are transferred between the Buyer and the Seller, and FlipNorth does not get directly involved,

however, we're happy to provide assistance.

-Payments are made via PayPal & FlipNorth Escrow Service after the sale.

For Buyers:

-Buyers can engage with Sellers by making bids or offers on a Seller's listing or getting in touch with them

-Buyers normally need to be accepted by the Seller into an auction before their bid is approved

-Buyers and Sellers transfer assets and access between each other, FlipNorth does not take part in any transfer,

only can provide assistance. If anyone has any issues or concerns with any sale they are involved in, FlipNorth will try and help.

Please reach out to our Support team via with details of the concern and we will contact you as a priority.